Relax and Recharge

Relax And Recharge Yourself

Relax And Recharge Yourself…

Every now and then its time where you are crazy busy and you think “Yes its time to relax now”. There are 100’s of ways to relax depending on your choice of what you like. I give you 11 ways of them..

I Work in Information Technology and sometimes we need to take a break from life to relax. Be it a few moments like few hours or few months with proper planning.

During hectic or stressful times, the best thing you can do for yourself is to pull back and spend some time alone with yourself or your family together or try new things.

Here i give 11 ways to do this to help you relax and recharge are below:

1. Listening to music

Relax by listening to your favourite music you like…(it can any music you like which puts in more energy into you)

There are a lot of studies confirming that music has a good effect on many physical emotions such as slowing the heart pulse to keep smooth, lowering blood pressure and of course the main thing is decreasing the levels of stress hormones.

2. Getting a massage

Yes of course it feel so wonderful to have one. Massage is really good for you to calm your nerves.

Many studies show that a single session of deep tissue massage causes several biological changes.

3. Reading a book

Reading is always my go-to form of relaxation if you like it. Mostly it depends on what you like, the book can be a novel that allows me to escape rather than something that requires my concentration or makes us think about work.

4. Taking a hike to some place

Take a hike to mountains and beautiful places which will fill you with energy. But even if you don’t live near the mountains, you can always find a nice calm park or nearby forest area where you can take a hike trip in nature.

Hiking gives you sense of appreciation of the beauty around us. I feel like my weight has been lifted and a sense of peacefulness replaces it when i hike.

5. Meditation or Yoga

Do some Yoga Meditation. It does not have to be long sessions or complicated exercises but just simple breathing exercises. Even if you set aside 10-15 minutes a day is good enough.

Simply quieting your mind and focusing on your breathing will help you relax and reduce stress.

The physical and mental benefits of meditation are numerous. Once you begin to practice then you will see how it quiets your mind and makes you calm.

6. Writing a book or blog or just a simple diary

One other way is “Writing” which is best if you like to put yours thoughts into words. Writing on blogs or on paper just to fun or for helping others can be really helpful like I have written several blog posts and i personally like the benefits of writing. It can just be start writing your blog, first book, your personal diary etc…

It allows you to release all of the ideas, concerns, and feelings you might have bottled up inside. It also puts you in a state of “flow” where you lose track of time because you’re so engaged in what you’re doing. The flow state is similar to being in a meditative state.

7. Painting or drawing

Painting or drawing can help calm yourself. It does not need to beautiful or perfect. It is just Creative work as stress busters. Take time to paint or draw freely 🙂 Its just for the fun of it.

8. Taking a bath

Fill the tub with warm water (or a cold water if you like) and use your favourite soaps or scents. Play some relaxing music and slide down in the tub and close your eyes which will let all of your daily stress float away.

Or if you like shower then take a 10-20 mins warm water shower with relaxing music which should calm you down.

9. Going to a movie

Of course one of best thing you can do if you like is going to a movie by yourself which can be relaxing. Comedy movies are the best to relax then action movies or drama movies. Yes romantic movies are also good.

10. Doing any mindless task

Last but not least is doing a mindless task like working on thing you have pending at home like fixing a chair or table or can be a simple one like wash the dishes, Organize a drawer. Washing your the car can help too. All of these mindless tasks require “little to no” brian and they can keep your hands busy. You will feel productive and relaxed at the same time.

11. Drinking a tea

As my blog name suggests the best one for last is simply having a cuppa tea. Try preparing your tea yourself and drinking tea mindfully and calmly.

Drinking tea is like a meditation itself when you do it mindfully. While you prepare the Tea you can pay attention to selecting items. Main thing is sipping the tea slowly and don’t forget washing your cup 🙂

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